Rise Up 

Poetry and Journaling ebook

for the Conscious and Creative,

Visionary Cycle-Breaker.

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 Change Your Life with the Power

of Poetry and Journaling:


Do you feel the call of your inner

warrior, the Shakti within?


 If you are a highly sensitive, intuitive, and visionary cycle-breaker eager to redefine your connection with yourself and nurture unwavering self-belief in your big vision, it’s time to answer that call!!

'Rise Up' isn't just another workbook – it's your roadmap to:

  • - Increased self-awareness and clarity.
  • - More self-trust and self-belief.
  • - A deeper connection with
  • your inner vision and purpose.

Inside this transformative printable workbook,

you'll discover a range of journaling prompts and

thought-provoking poetic verses to empower

yourself and awaken your true path.


Stop letting self-doubt and mental fog hold you back

from living the life you were meant to lead. 


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